nightwlf (nightwlf) wrote,

On Thursday night, it dawned on me that I was going to need more insulin before I was likely to get to my pharmacy, or indeed before my pharmacy would even reopen for business. People kept mentioning Healthline which was available 24 hours as day, on twitter (on the #eqnz hashtag), so I called them and asked what the best course of action was. They said in the first instance to see if my GP was open, get a new script and take that to the nearest pharmacy. Failing that, the nearest pharmacy could do an emergency supply.

In the morning I called my GP but it diverted to the medical center in town. I rang my nearest pharmacy and explained my situation, she said they had no power or water, and to go to another pharmacy not too far away. My uncle and I headed out on our mission.

There is so much dust in Christchurch at the moment. The liquefacted sand, when it dries, becomes very fine and powdery. While this makes it easier to shovel, it is picked up by the wind and just blown everywhere. The Council are worried it could be contaminated so I'm wary of trying to be out and about if I can help it. We made our way to the pharmacy without too many traffic worries, and I explained my situation to the receptionist, then the pharmacist. I gave him a box of my old meds so he could get an idea of what I needed. The chemist herself couldn't figure it out, so I ended up just explaining my doses, how much I needed for 10 days supply, and they dispensed the insulin for me. In the end it set me back $6, which I was entirely happy to pay for to stay alive for another week :)

Headed back to work today. Power, water and broadband have been restored there, so it's almost business as usual. It's an alarming building to be in with the aftershocks, though. Structural engineer will hopefully check the place out tomorrow. The aftershocks are a new breed compared with September, they are far more immediate, they sound more abrupt. I guess this has to do with their closer epicentres to town, and their basis along the north-south fault branch, than the east-west.

Funny how things like this bring out the geologist in all of us.
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