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I was just browsing a local gaming forum I frequent and someone had started a thread 'does anyone here suffer..' and it was just.. for people to write anything they wanted, wanted to let people know, about how they were, things they'd dealt with. I thought I'd post my response here, if anyone wants to read it =)

In terms of straight up health, I contracted Type-II Diabetes at age 17, probably after a virus that my body eliminated - along with the insulin-creating cells in my pancreas. I have four daily injections - this may seem a lot but it allows me flexibility to have meals whenever I please and not have to maintain a strict schedule on when things happen, like sleeping and such.

In terms of emotional and mental health, I guess I was bullied all through school, but I always had enough friends around me that it didn't matter. It probably went some way to some low-level narcissism too, I was bright, got scholarships to Intermediate and High School, was a year ahead all the way through school. Bullies never had much of a hold on me, and I don't recall many instances where it came to physical confrontation.

I went through some depression in my second year at university, though I didn't realise it at the time. I was sleeping from 5am til 6pm, eating chocolate biscuits all night (not an amazingly smart idea for a diabetic), but again.. I had enough friends round that I didn't really feel down. It was a lack of motivation to DO anything, perhaps some subconcious thoughts that I was going nowhere, that were the symptoms, and I had no experience with which to identify them. At the end of that year, Dad said they were moving his at-home business into a proper factory, and would I like to come down and work for him. Simultaneously I was contacted by some friends in Christchurch looking for a flatmate to establish a new flat. Everything was too perfect, so with two exams left to sit (which I was going to fail anyway) I packed up everything and shifted to Christchurch, where I've nearly been for 10 years (having spent the first 9 years of my life here also).

There are a lot of days where I'm not happy. I still lack a bit of direction in life. but on the whole, I think I'm doing pretty okay these days. I have good, sensible, caring friends and family, and for now that's all I need.

To those of you who are some of those good, sensible, caring friends, thankyou so much <3
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